orange cat having teeth examined by employee

Dental Care

Over 80 percent of pets over the age of 3 have significant-enough dental disease to cause oral pain. We strive to address these issues as soon as possible and prevent them when we can with our comprehensive dental hygiene practices. Our digital dental x-rays allow us to detect disease under the gums we would otherwise miss, and our ultrasonic scaler allows us to clean teeth quickly to minimize the time your pet is under anesthesia.

The Value of a Healthy Smile

Our comprehensive dental exams and cleaning includes more than just scraping visible tartar off the teeth. We take the time to fully assess and address your pet’s oral health.

Pet Oral Health Care Includes:

  • Full Mouth X-rays (to assess the 75% of the tooth not visible to the naked eye)
  • Probing the entire oral cavity to look for signs of infection, trauma, inflammation, and cancer
  • Ultrasonic scaling to efficiently remove plaque and tartar that cause inflammation, infection, and pain
  • Polishing to restore a smooth surface to the tooth enamel
  • A home-care kit to help you continue to take care of your pet’s teeth at home

All of this hard work requires that your pet be under anesthesia, for their comfort and safety as well as our own! We take anesthesia seriously, and tailor our drug protocols to each individual patient. Someone will be monitoring your pet’s vital signs, including blood pressure, oxygenation, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature, constantly throughout the procedure. We are proud of the fact that our anesthetic complication rate at Picture Hills Pet Hospital is extremely low!

We also ask to see a current blood panel (within 6 months for healthy pets, and within a week for pets with certain chronic diseases) so that we may choose our drug protocol in light any possible organ insufficiency, bleeding disorder, or infection.

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