Cat eye close up A Unique Approach We believe relationships matter. You and your pet deserve a truly wonderful experience. We devote a substantial amount of attention to make sure that your dog or cat is having the best experience possible. It is so incredibly important to approach every dog and cat as unique – with their own medical challenges and goals. And we believe it is important that you feel welcomed and understood. You might have specific concerns and goals for your pet, and you need a real partner who is going to take the time to listen to your concerns, questions, and opinions. Because when we work together, amazing things can happen.
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dark muzzle spaniel dog and cat closeup Low Stress We go to great lengths to minimize the level of stress and anxiety that your dog or cat experiences during a visit. We would like to explain why this is so important. As a dog or cat experiences stress, certain physiological systems are affected, such as their body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. These are the systems that your veterinary team relies on to accurately diagnose your pet. Because of this, heightened stress levels can mask a real health issue, or can lead us to chase a nonexistent problem. Furthermore, when a pet owner notices their dog or cat experiences stress when visiting a veterinarian, it can (quite understandably!) make them reluctant to bring their pet in. This means we won’t be so quick to catch or treat potential health problems. So low stress visits aren’t just about being compassionate to your pet’s emotional well being – it’s also about saving lives.

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What your neighbors say

I was very pleased with the experience from the moment I walked in. While I was there another satisfied customer dropped off a floral arrangement as a thank you. These people really love animals and they are very friendly and patient. Rest assured, you can trust the Picture Hills Pet Hospital with your pet’s health. I know I’ll be going back.


We couldn’t be more satisfied with Picture Hills. Dr. Sims and the whole staff are incredibly attentive, caring, and professional. When we moved to the area and adopted a pup, our neighbors recommended Picture Hills. We’re so happy they did.


If you want EXCELLENT care, a loving and compassionate staff that goes the extra mile for your furry babies, Dr. Sims and Picture Hills Pet Hospital is the place to go!! Dr. Sims goes above and beyond to make your furry babies feel right at home, and treats them as if they were her own. She takes time to answer any questions no matter how small and helps you feel comfortable to ask questions about the care that your pet is receiving.


Such a wonderful caring staff that are wonderful with my 2 chihuahuas. Dr. Sims is so good at explaining things. Finally got my highly allergic dog on an amazing seasonal allergy medicine.