COVID-19 Pandemic Update

COVID-19 Pandemic UpdateLate June updatesHello again from the Picture Hills Pet Hospital Team!We are now closed on Saturdays. We have expanded our appointment schedule Monday thru Friday to help accommodate for this loss of appointment times. For clients with weekday scheduling conflicts, we are happy to offer complimentary day-boarding, and can make ourselves available for [...]

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The Cost of Companionship

Growing up, I remember being told to NEVER ask or talk about other people’s financial situations.  This is just one social rule (among many others) that I have to break on a daily basis as a veterinarian.  Nobody likes to talk about the “business” of medicine, but it is a reality.  Medical care carries with [...]

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Worried about the canine flu? So are we.

The influenza virus has a long history of scaring people.  Flu pandemics killed millions throughout the 17th and 18th century, and the global war path of the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic still haunts us today.  Luckily, modern sanitation practices and antibiotics have brought the mortality rate down to less than 0.1% in developed countries, but [...]

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That Awkward Pet Food Discussion

As a veterinarian with a special interest in nutrition, I will admit that I take your pet food choices WAY too personally.  It’s just that nutrition is probably the single most important factor under our control in optimizing a pet’s health.  Don’t get me wrong, parasite control and vaccines are very important.  But obesity is [...]

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Therapeutic “Lasers” and Chronic Pain

Fun fact: The first AustinPowers came out almost 20 years ago!!! Now–onto the science. Photobiomodulation (Say that 10 times fast). This big fancy word describes what happens at the cellular level when a therapeutic laser is applied to live tissues like skin, muscles, and joints.  It means changing the processes going on inside living things via light [...]

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An Afternoon With Jennifer Starr, KC Pet Photographer

Local pet photographer Jennifer Starr offers families a memorable way to celebrate their pets’ lives when the end is near… KCTV5 News wrote, “Whether it is months or days the pet has left, Starr is making a difference by keeping the better days in print forever.”  The internationally published photographer and animal enthusiast was born [...]

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