Therapeutic “Lasers” and Chronic Pain

Fun fact: The first AustinPowers came out almost 20 years ago!!!

Now–onto the science.

Photobiomodulation (Say that 10 times fast).

This big fancy word describes what happens at the cellular level when a therapeutic laser is applied to live tissues like skin, muscles, and joints.  It means changing the processes going on inside living things via light energy.  Some call this “low level laser therapy” or “cold laser therapy” because the energy used is not as hot or powerful as lasers used for other purposes, such as surgery.

So, how does photobiomodulation help with chronic pain?  It essentially puts the body’s healing forces into hyperdrive, while slowing the destructive forces.

The best thing about laser therapy, is that there are virtually no side effects.  With some of the other pain management components that I will cover in future posts, there are risks and side effects.  This is a great way to lessen, if not eliminate the use of those medications.

Interested in learning more?  Picture Hills Pet Hospital is now offering laser therapy!  We offer several packages to make it more affordable for you to use long-term for the management of your pet’s chronic pain.

It is completely case-dependent, but an example treatment plan is 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks, then 1 treatment per month to maintain therapeutic effects.

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